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The Maxx meant a lot to me when I was growing up,” said cartoonist Jess Fink. “Sam Kieth was the first real exposure I had to feminism. Julie’s character played with the sad tired notions of women being exploited in comics and she was a real person with real flaws. The Maxx was someone who wanted to be important but didn’t know how. Sarah was a depressed, tormented kid with no friends having a terrible time in high school and I could relate. … I felt like I could write better characters because of Sam Kieth.”

I’ve always loved the Maxx because of its mix of hyper surrealist art and incredibly deep exploration into flawed characters. Despite the fact that these characters live in this depressing world and have these shitty hands dealt to them, they persevere which is where their true strengths show up as opposed to most superhero comics. It’s an incredible and underrated series that I recommend to anyone, comic fan or not. The comics and television adaptation were great. Check it out.

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    The Maxx was always one of my favorites. It shaped my attitude towards creating comics and the infinite ways to tell...
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